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The following products are either manufactured or distributed by NGC under license within Nigeria:





Albarika Antelmin, Pyrantel pamotate Anusol
Benylin, cough remedy Broncholyte, Bromahexine Ciproval, Ciprofloxacin
Cofeze Colipan, Hyoscine-N-


Co-trimoxazole, Trimethoprin B. P./

Sulphamethoxazole BP

Daga, Paracetamol Daga Plus, Paracetamol with Caffeine Duphalac
Duphaston Dusptalin Fastaquine, Chloroquine Phosphate B. P.
Gelusil Glanil, Glibenclamide Metronidazole, Metronidazole B. P.
NGC-valgin, Metamizole Oraldene, mouth wash PaedAmol, Paracetamol B. P.
PaediQuine, Chloroquine Phosphate B. P. Sloans Liniment Tabalon, Ibuprofen B. P.
Traflox, Ofloxacin  





Atrazine 80 WP Atrazine 500 FW 2, 4-D Amine
Glyphosate Cypermethrin 10EC Lindane
Diazinon 600EC Dichlorvos Aluminium Phosphide
Copper Sulphate



Industrial Chemicals


Adhesive ST/2-Y Antifoam PI-Y Dinamol Liquor L-Y
Emulsifier 977/2-Y Engipal CVN-Y Engiron Binder MTB-N
Etalux CBA-Y Migeron AS-Y Scowet Nconc/3-y
Size PC/40N-Y Size TSW-NX Sizing Softener CHN-Y
Smutfix PW-Y Softener 3644-Y Softener AFK-Y
Sonil EB-Y Stiftan EM Stiftan MB - extra
Temofil ASN-Y Temofix NG-Y Engilith D/DN50
Engilith DH Engilith DM21 Engilith VDM230
Engilith DM611 U-F Resin Casein Glue
Engiron-T Engiron-NT



Household Consumer Products


Parozone bleach Jeyes Fluid, disinfectant Bloo Blocks, antiseptic



Veterinary / Animal Healthcare


Berenil Panacur Clout
Tramisol Woundoil  



Oil & Gas


Demulsifiers Flow improvers Biocides
Corrosion inhibitors Flocculants Wax inhibitors
Scale inhibitors